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Whistler Creekside's Roots

Rainbow Lodge WhistlerRainbow Lodge Whistler - Photo: Whistler Museum

We love that we are the place to stay in Creekside. We love Creekside for its roots. The Rainbow Lodge, where it all began as a fishing retreat over 100 years ago symbolizes the spirit that still lives on in Creekside. We love that Creekside is where the bid for the winter Olympic games began, where the iconoclastic pioneers hiked through the bush so that we could learn about this wilderness paradise. We love Creekside for the roots it plants here — the first skiers rode the lift from Creekside, Dusty’s, the skiers' cabins that still stand as reminders of the way it was in the beginning.

Dusty's Bar and BBQ Whistler CreeksideDusty's Bar & BBQ - Whistler Creekside

We’ve created a lot since then, but we like to think that in Creekside, we haven't veered too far from those simple roots: Casual, laid back spots like Dusty's, beckoning you to spend just a little more time in nature with those you love

Creekside's Attitude = Warmth

 We like to think we’re part of that attitude that we love so much here. That warmth and laid-back way of life that you just can’t force. We like to hope that Creekside is warm because we are warm, because we genuinely care that you get up the lift as fast as humanely possible, that you get your dinner when you want and can eat it by the fire, outdoors by the lake, or standing around your kitchen counter. We love the attitude in Creekside and want to spread the warmth and cheer to all our visitors. We love you, Creekside!

Creekside is a Hub

Our Creekside is a hub. Everything branches out from here: food, drink, play and rest.

  • Convenience of the BC Liquor Store within reach
  • Many restaurants within walking distance: from super-luxe to casual.
  • Restful walks in the woods, days by the lake and hikes in the woods around us.
  • Play on the hill, on your bike, or in the lakes
  • Enjoy nightlife that is just right

Myrtle Phillips & Creekside

We love the community in Creekside, the one we try hard to help build and be a part of. We love the people like Myrtle Phillips, strong community organizers who, through sheer strength of will and character created a community here. A place where people would come to fish and relax, but one also that people would feel at home in. Myrtle Phillips carved out a home here and didn't shy away from the hard work it took to do this. Her smiling face reminds us that hard work is often its own reward.

The Love for Whistler Creekside

Whistler Creekside Village
Whistler Creekside Village from Whistler Gondola

The love locals and visitors alike feel for Whistler Creekside carries us. Through the multi-million dollar expansion, through Olympic bids and new gondolas being built. Through Whistler Creekside restaurants that become like well-loved extended homes through the years, to the new ones that enter the fray. Through the adventures that present themselves: building a resort from scratch in the wilderness over one hundred years ago, to embracing the new sport of downhill skiing in the 1960s, to the new adventures like mountain biking, there are so many reasons to love Creekside. Thank goodness we don't have to choose just one.

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