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Looking for a cool activity on a hot summer day why not try whitewater rafting. Thanks to the snowmelt during the summer months Whistler's local rivers turn into raging white water rapids perfect for the rafting.

During a white water rafting tour, you and a group of friends or others join together to form a 6 - 8 person team to tackle the rapids. Of course, a certified instructor leads the voyage which takes place at one of three rivers in the Whistler area.

The three rivers where you can white water raft include; The Cheakamus River, The Green River & Elaho - Squamish River. Each river varies in degree of difficulty and length of ride. White water rafting tours in Whistler can range from 2.5 hours long (Green River Tour), 4.5 hours (The Cheakamus River) all the way to 8 hours long (Elaho - Squamish River).

Plan your Whistler White Water Rafting Tour Today

There are several companies that offer whitewater rafting tours in the Whistler area. These companies include Wedge Rafting& TAG Whistler. All of these companies come with a high customer satisfaction rating and all of them serve the Whistler area.

Whistler Creekside Accommodations

Ready to book your Whistler vacation? Learn more about our three Whistler Creekside accommodations: LegendsEvolution, and First Tracks Lodge.

Photo credit: Steve Rogers | Rafters - Mike Crane