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Want to see a side of Whistler that few people ever do then why not go for a hike on one of Whistler's many hiking trails. Whistler is home to several hiking trails located throughout the area, including hikes up and down the mountain's, hikes along gentle rolling valley trails and hikes up to beautiful glacier-fed waters falls and lakes.

Whistler Hiking Trails

The best part of taking a hike in Whistler is seeing the amazing locations that can only be accessed by foot. In particular, the mountain hikes provide hikers with unparalleled views of glacier fed lakes, mountainside valley's and waterfalls that can only be seen during the summer months.

Always remember to bring your camera along with you on hikes as Whistler wildlife is sure to make an appearance during your trip. Bears, deer, birds, beavers and many other species of wildlife call the Whistler area home.

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Whistler Creekside Accommodations

Ready to book your Whistler vacation? Learn more about our three Whistler Creekside accommodations: LegendsEvolution, and First Tracks Lodge.

Photo Credit: Mike Crane - hiking