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Disc Golf

Looking for a fun and FREE activity to try in Whistler why not give disk golf a whirl. For those not in the know disk golf is essentially a hybrid of Frisbee tossing and golf. Each player starts on a tee-box just like golf and tosses their disk at a net that serves as a hole in the distance. As in golf, each hole is assigned a par according to the distance of the hole.

Looking to play some disc golf

If you want to play a game of disc golf while you're in Whistler you're going to need two things. You'll need a disk which can be picked up at Source for Sports or Katmandu Bike Shop for about $10 - $15, and you're going to need a good set of shoes. The shoes are essential because the terrain you will be playing on resembles that of a hiking trail.

The best part of playing a game of disc golf in Whistler is that the course is absolutely FREE to play. The Whistler Disk Golf Course consists of 27 holes carved out in the forest behind the Whistler RV Park. It takes about an hour to play 9 holes so plan your trip accordingly. There is no limit on how many holes you have to play so feel free to keep doing loops if you want. The only thing to be wary of is holding people up. If you notice your group is beginning to hold up another group please just let them play through to avoid any congestion on the course.


Getting there can be a bit tricky - if you plan on driving the best place to park is at the Whistler softball fields in Spruce Grove Park. From here it's only a 10 minute to the course. During the walk, you will pass the Scandinavian Spa - from here you are only minutes away from the course which will have a sign indicating the entrance. The best way to ensure you find the place is to bring a phone with a maps device. If you type in Whistler Disk Park it will lead you directly to the area.

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