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Thanks to Whistler's abundance of lakes, rivers and streams it has become a world-class fishing destination. Whether you're a seasoned pro or beginner Whistler has fishing experiences for everyone.

Whistler's rivers and lakes make for great trout fishing any time during the spring and summer months. While Whistler's river's become flush with spring salmon during the months of May and April. Fly fishing is the most popular method of catching fish in Whistler's river's while spinning reel is utilized more on Whistler's lakes.

Grab a Whistler Fishing Guide

While many people like to hit the water's by themselves and test their skill we highly recommend you grab an expert if you're not familiar with the area. These highly seasoned vets know the Whistler area inside and out and can provide you with the right rods, flies and lures to catch a fish. These guides also know what fish are available at what time and where to find them. Check out anyone of these fishing recourses next time you want to book a fishing trip in Whistler: Valley Fishing Guides 1-877-858-7688, Whistler Fishing Guides 1-604-932 4267, Whistler Fly Fishing 1-888-822-3474, Pemberton Fish Finder 1-877-905-8121.

Whistler Creekside Accommodations

Ready to book your Whistler vacation? Learn more about our three Whistler Creekside accommodations: LegendsEvolution, and First Tracks Lodge.

Photo Credit: Mike Crane - fishing