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ATV Trip

Explore the backcountry of Whistler from the comfort of a 4x4 truck or get up close and personal on an ATV. Whistler is flush with trails and roads throughout its mountains and valleys and one of the best ways to explore this territory is with a vehicle.

Whistler ATV Tours

Several companies around Whistler offer ATV tours. These high-powered recreational vehicles are a great way to explore Whistler's backcountry mountains via trails, and old logging roads. The great thing about ATV's is they can take you down trails and small openings a vehicle could never fit. ATV's are great for groups, couples and families wishing to see amazing views you can only get high in the mountains. ATV rentals are usually rented as part of a tour provided by an adventure group. Certified instructors guide these tours to ensure everyone stays on track and safety protocols are always followed.

Whistler 4x4 Tours

For people looking to explore the Whistler backcountry in a more comfortable option perhaps a 4x4 Truck Tours is more your style. Several of the same adventure group companies that provide ATV tours also offer a 4x4 truck tour option as well. 4x4 Truck tours are much the same as ATV's except for the fact that you're in the comfort of a truck instead of a quad.

Many people prefer this option as it's much easier to take photos of the backcountry on the go and you're in the safety and comfort of a truck. The most common 4x4 truck tour is the Whistler Blackcomb tours which as you would guess travels up the side of Whistler & Blackcomb Mountain. These tours offer amazing views of the valley floor below and bring you into the Whistler wilderness where you can see animals like; bears, deer, eagles and many other species that call the mountain home.

Whistler Creekside Accommodations

Ready to book your Whistler vacation? Learn more about our three Whistler Creekside accommodations: LegendsEvolution, and First Tracks Lodge.

Photo Credit: Mike Crane - ATV ride