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Whistler’s World of Mountain Biking

Whistler is arguably one of the world's top locations for mountain biking.

From the Bike Park to cross-country flow and enduro tech, Whistler has every kind of trail. Challenge yourself on Whistler’s gnarliest trails, or keep it mellow for a cruise-y family ride.

Although each riding zone is complex and different, we will break down the areas to help you plan the best ride. Choosing the right trail can make or break your day, don’t stress; we’ve got you covered.

Follow along to know about the best trails Whistler has to offer! 

mountain biking whistler

Photo: Mitch Winton

Lost Lake: Great for All Abilities 

Lost Lake trail network is great for anyone starting their biking career, recovering from an injury or looking to keep it more mellow. But, don’t be fooled; on specific trails, you can spice it up or keep it chill. Lost Lake trails are mostly cross-country trails, with a challenging amount of up and fun down sections. 

If you’re looking for an easily accessible ride from the village, there is the perfect loop lasting around an hour or two. Start your adventure from the Lost Lake Passive House and jump on your first trail, Peaches en Regalia. 

The following trails are ups, downs, and all-around. Exciting technical climb features, rock rolls, and flow corners, they have it all. After Peaches, follow these trails for maximum fun: Dinah Moe Humm→Disco Boy→The Torture Never Stops→Fountain of Love→Pinocchio’s Furntiure→Dwarf Nebula→Zoot Allures→Toads of the short forest→Gee I like your pants→Son of Mr. Green Genes→Jellyroll Gumdrop. Once you’ve finished your ride, you’re only a short pedal away from the village where you can reward yourself with post-ride beverages! 

Westside: Stonebridge to the Flank

Now it’s time to spice it up and enjoy the view. When riding on the Westside of Whistler, you can climb into the high alpine or keep it close to home. 

Park at the bottom of Stonebridge or along Alta Lake Road, and you can either climb your way up the Dessert Platter or head up the road to reach the flank. When you explore the Dessert Platter, you get a variety of trails, from technical to cross-country; this blue trail unit will have your heart pumping. Or jump off the Platter to one of the spicier black trails for a little more challenge. 

Lord of the Squirrels is the must-do trail in Whistler for an all-day adventure ride. Start by travelling up the Flank trail to Into the Mystic. As you climb through the forest, you’ll eventually hit the high alpine. Depending on the season, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful alpine flowers and glacier lakes. Stop for a quick dip in the freezing lakes to cool yourself off after grinding up Sproatt Mountain before starting your descent back to the valley. You finish Lord of the Squirrels on the Flank. From there, you can decide how spicy you’d like to top your ride off. Make it challenging with Pura Vida or Working Class. Or flow down Chipmunk Rebellion for a smoother descent. 

If you’re looking for a quick ride closer to home on the Westside, check out Beaver Pass or Danimal North for fun, technical enduro trails. Beaver Pass also has an excellent view overlooking Whistler and Blackcomb mountain, with Alta Lake glistening right in front. 

To extend your ride, jump on Whip Me, Snip Me climb trail to the Rainbow Loop for a flowy ride down. You’ll finish at the Rainbow Falls parking lot, only a short pedal away from Rainbow Park, for a dip in the refreshing lake. 

Cheakamus: Good Times & Fun Times 

Cheakamus bike trails are a hidden gem in Whistler, treasured by locals. There is a range of mellow cruisey trails and gnarly spice, with everything in between. 

Pedal over to the famous Whistler train wreck and the gushing Cheakamus River, or travel up the main Fire Service Road to access the other blue trail units. Loop around Loggers Lake for a quick dip and continue along. 

To spice it up, head in the other direction up the climb trail; See Colours and Puke. Then, connect to the High’s trails for a flow descent. Once you’ve reached the bottom, it’s only a quick climb to the start of two of Whistler’s top trails. Business Time and AM/PM are challenging, fun, flowy black trails perfect for connecting the loop. 

There are many trails in the Cheakamus area; you’ll need more than one afternoon to explore it all. 

whistler blackcomb mountain bike

Photo: Robin O’Neil 

Bike Park: Flow & Tech

The Whistler Bike Park is where biker's dreams come true. There's a large variety of flow, jump trails to gnarly tech, or great beginner flow trails to get you comfortable on a mountain bike. 

The Bike Park includes Fitzsimmons and Garbo chairs, Whistler Gondola, and the Peak Chair for a small portion of the season.

For beginner riders, a great trail to start on is Del Bocca Vista. Its smooth path makes it enjoyable for all types of riders. Next, test your jump skills on Crank it Up and progress to A-line and Dirt Merchant for the expert riders. Falling in the Park can be very consequential; ensure you properly warm-up before heading straight to the black flow sections. 

If you’d prefer the wheels on the ground, the Bike Park has an excellent variety of tech trails. 

Bike Park tech varies from enduro; the features are more manufactured and well maintained. A great blue tech line is Ninja Cougar→Blueseum→Wednesday Night Delight→Ho Chi Min→Longhorn and finishes on Hornet. Test out Whistler Down-Hill, Angry Pirate, and Original Sin for the riders looking for more heat.

If you’re looking for gnarly tech incorporating drops, you must check out Upper Joyride, Schleyer, and the Whistler Down-hill Upper. 

Finally, for the ultimate alpine experience (without the slog climb), head up the Peak Chair to ride Top of the World. Connect with Khyber pass and soak in the beautiful alpine scenery to make the most of the descent.

Whistler Summer mountain biking

Photo: Robin O’Neil 

Mountain Biking Summer Events

Whistler is a well-known hub in the mountain biking community, known for its world-class trails and the events it holds yearly. From world-renown events to local weekly races, Whistler gives 110%. 

Each summer, Whistler hosts a stop on the Crankworx’s World Tour. Crankworx is a mountain bike festival that combines the world's most incredible bikers to compete in multiple disciplines. Along with Pro categories, they also host events for adult & youth amateur riders to compete. 

Summer 2022 Crankworx will be in Whistler from August 5-14; you don’t want to miss it! 

Each week, you can also participate in either the Bike Park Phat Wednesday's Downhill Race or the Thursday’s Toonie Race. The only requirement is to be a WORCA (Whistler Off Road Cycle Association) member. An annual fee, plus the additional cost of racing each day. 

Phat Wednesdays are an extra $5/race; you will require a Bike Park pass. On Thursday, don’t forget your toonie to enter the race. For Phat Race, the route is decided and released on the day with enough time for a few practice runs. 

The Toonie races routes are released to ensure everyone is comfortable on the selected course. Enter for a chance to win bragging rights and prizes! What is there to lose?

Whistler - World-Class, Truly Unique

Whistler is one of the unique riding hubs in the world. It has every opportunity for riding, from downhill, cross-country to enduro with flow or tech. The possibilities are endless; you could spend a whole summer here and still not ride all the goods. Not only does it have all varieties of trails, but it’s also easily accessible for all levels of riders. 

So now you’re set with the best Whistler routes to a successful riding adventure. Don’t forget to play safe and take in the breathtaking views!