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Your Ultimate Guide to Whistler Blackcomb’s Ski Runs

Guide to Whistlers Ski Runs

Photo: John Entwistle-Whistler Blackcomb 

Whistler Blackcomb is a world-class ski resort, one of the best in North America and Whistler has it all; whether you’re learning to ski/snowboard or looking to send it into the steepest double blacks. 

There are designated learning zones for beginners to feel comfortable starting out in this new and challenging sport. Then there is spicy terrain to challenge any athlete for the advanced to expert riders/skiers. Whatever your level, there are bucket-list runs for everyone to check off on your vacation. As avid skiers who have spent a lot of time scouting out our mountains, we have a compiled list of our favourite runs for you and your group, depending on your level! Read on to find out what they are.

Best Runs Whistler Blackcomb

Photo: Christie Fitzpatrick-Whistler Blackcomb 

For The Beginners:

Learning any new skill can be daunting at the beginning. However, once you have all the right equipment, it’s time to hit the slopes. It’s important to feel comfortable, surround yourself with patient friends or hire an instructor to teach you the proper technique. On Whistler and Blackcomb, there are designated learning zones with flat terrain and easy-to-load chairs. These zones also have ‘magic’ moving carpets to help you get shorter and quicker laps to improve your skills. On Whistler, the learning zone is located at the mid-station of the Whistler Gondola, just a short walk once you get off. There is a flat section right up the stairs, perfect for gliding around and feeling the skis or snowboard. A slow, easy-to-load three-person chair takes you to the top of a long flat pitch where you can hone your skills and advance to new zones.

Once you’re ready to progress to the open terrain, there are great green runs spaced around the mountain to see the wonders surrounding you. On Whistler, it’s time to venture into longer, more challenging terrain after the learning zones. We suggest the following runs that will progress your skills to the next level (via Trail forks):

If you’re looking for a more scenic route on a sunny day, our favourite runs on Whistler for just that are: 

The beautiful thing about Whistler is there is not only one mountain with skiable terrain but two! On Blackcomb, there is a learning zone at the base of Blackcomb Village with a three-person Magic chair and moving carpets. You can easily access this area straight from the bottom, which means you can even have your friends and family watch you succeed! Once you have mastered the basics, here are some great runs to develop your skiing/riding: 

For a more scenic route, make sure to check off these runs: 

Learning a new sport can be challenging and frustrating, but having good company and knowing the appropriate terrain can make all the difference. The mountains are a magical place that everyone should be able to enjoy and access. We recommend taking it slow and making sure you hone your skills on the learner slopes instead of going straight to the top and saying, “I’m sure I’ll figure this out.” Please save yourself, your friends and WB Ski Patrol the stress we promise you! 

Below are links to help you navigate both mountains:

Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Best Ski Run

Photo: Christie Fitzpatrick-Whistler Blackcomb

Intermediate Ski Runs:

Suppose you’re already comfortable sliding around on one or two sticks and want to push your boundaries onto blue runs. In that case, Whistler Blackcomb has a large variety of great intermediate terrain. Once you can link parallel turns with a pole plant or link turns and control speed on your snowboard, it’s time to discover new trails. The blue runs in Whistler have varying levels of steepness. Below are some great runs to get you more comfortable controlling your speed: 

For a more scenic stroll around Whistler, tour the mountain on these cruisey trails:

Blackcomb is known to the locals for being steeper, and the trails run fall-line into the valley. It has a great variety of intermediate blue runs for the whole group or family to enjoy and grow their skills. Here are some of our favourite blue runs to rip up:

Take in the surrounding magnificent mountains by sliding down these challenging intermediate runs. Then, travel up the 7th Heaven chair to experience breath-taking views or head into the Blackcomb Glacier to see famous backcountry lines from afar. These runs are a must if you’re cruising a day on Blackcomb:

Once you’ve mastered this list of blue runs, it’s time to make the jump. You’ll find yourself pushing the boundaries with a bit of practice and confidence. However, don’t be afraid of taking it easy; you will find even the best skiers will enjoy a beautiful day on the groomers.

Whistler Mountain Guide

Photo: Eric Berger-Whistler Blackcomb

Advanced-Expert Ski Runs: 

If you’re hunting for steep and deep, Whistler and Blackcomb are your mountains. There are many great black runs for dipping your toes into the steeps. Or dive right into the gnar if you dare, but it's essential to be safe when venturing into the high alpine. Pay close attention to signage; they can be marking cliffs, cornices or other dangers. The best way to warm your legs up for the day is to start slow and progress to steeper and more challenging terrain. Below are the perfect Whistler trails to get the legs moving and make you feel like a rock star:

For our expert skiers and riders comfortable in all variable terrain, here are our top Whistler bucket list runs: 

Head over to the dark side (Blackcomb) on a storm day to get contrast from the rocks, chutes, and trees for better visibility. Again, it’s critical to warm the body up before heading straight into the steeps. Try these black runs before venturing into the double blacks: 

Last but not least, we have the Blackcomb gnar. It’s easy to find yourself in a tricky position getting stuck above something dangerous on the mountain. Make sure you do your research before heading out, study a map or follow a friend/guide who knows the area. Head to these runs for the ultimate challenge:

Whistler Blackcomb has over 8,000 acres of skiable terrain acceptable for all skiing/riding abilities. If you’re setting out to try a new sport or push your skills, Whistler is the right challenge. Hiring a guide can be an excellent option for those who need a little help working on techniques or finding the goods on the mountain. Make the most of your ski/snowboarding vacation and find the best terrain for you. Don’t waste time getting lost on the hill; download Trail Forks or Fatmaps to help navigate your way around the mountain. A good plan can ensure you have the best experience on the mountain and tick those runs off your bucket list. 

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