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Whistler Village Nightlife Guide

Photo: Whistler Blackcomb

We're on the path to normal life after nearly two years since Covid-19 first spread through Whistler. It’s time to socialize and get back to evening après, something we’ve all been missing out on. Whistler usually hosts an active nightlife for all to enjoy, from bingo night, pool with pals, sing your heart out at karaoke, dance to local Whistler bands or challenge the family to break out of Whistler famous Escape Rooms.

The Sea to Sky is full of adventure, but don’t fret; the fun doesn’t have to end once the sun goes down. Read on to find the best evening activity for you and your group! 

Tapley's Pub Whistler BC

Drinks & Games

Aprés is a big part of the Whistler lifestyle; it allows us the time to catch up with friends and family after a great day on the mountain. Now that restrictions have changed, it’s time to get back in the groove. Multiple bars are bringing back local event nights and games for everyone to enjoy. Every Tuesday night at Tapleys Pub, try your luck at Bingo in the hopes of winning a brand new snowboard or skis.

At Creekside’s own Roland’s Pub, enjoy a game of darts with friends while the current sports games play in the background. If you’re looking for a quieter night, head to the Pangea Pod for your favourite selection of board games. Whether you’re a two-player or more, Uno, Catan, Monopoly, Life, and more classic games are available for you to use. 

Grab your most intelligent group of pals and head out to Tapley’s on Wednesdays to try your luck at Quizzical night. There’s a chance to win big, but you’ve got to bring your A-game. Daily at the Cinnamon Bear Bar (where the famous Swedish Aprés was held), two pool tables are open to the public. The CBB also has excellent drink deals throughout the week. Finally, the night we’ve all been patiently waiting for is back, Tuesday Karaoke night at the Crystal Lounge. Belt out your favourite jams, and laugh along with others giving their best rockstar impressions. 

It’s time to sit back and enjoy a little more normality in your life. Treat yourself to a night out on the town with friends and family. Laugh, play games, drink, and take a break from regular life.

Dusty's Saloon Creekside Whistler

Photos: Dusty’s Bar & BBQ

Live Music

Indoor personal and organized gatherings are returning to normal. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are back to full capacity; it’s time to get up and shake it. Local bands are returning to live performances at your favourite bars near you. For example, Whistler’s famous Hairfarmers perform at Whistler Blackcomb’s top aprés spots throughout the week. They perform at one of Whistler’s original aprés bars, Garibaldi Lift Company (GLC), on Sundays from 3:30-6:30 PM. Monday nights are reserved for Merlins Bar on the Blackcomb side, join the local crowd and show off your best dance moves.

Or stay close to home, venture across the highway to Dusty’s Bar to the go-to aprés spot. Dusty’s is a local's favourite known for their top-notch caesars. The Hairfarmers formed in 1999/2000 and have since “cultivated their west coast ‘ski bum’ musical style,” and they love the Whistler crowd. 

Other famous Whistler bands include Red Chair, Ruckus Deluxe, and Pat & Eric. At the Dubh Linn Gate, Ruckus deluxe and Pat & Eric rotate daily for your listening pleasure. Seven days a week during aprés and again at 9 PM, enjoy timeless tunes and Celtic classics. Another classic Whistler band is Red Chair; you’ll find them either Friday night at Tapleys Bar. So grab dinner and a drink, and enjoy the musical magic starting Friday at 9 PM. Whistler is the perfect setting to pull out all your rusty dance moves; why not shake it to some of your favourite jams.

Whistler Scandinavian Spa

Family Friendly

If you’re not interested in a boozy night, not to worry, there are many alternatives for you and your family and friends. Enjoy an evening exercise session by cross-country skiing around Lost Lake. Or head 20 minutes south of Whistler to the Callaghan Olympic Park; it has a variety of world-class trails for everyone to love, even your furry friends. Next, head to Whistler’s Escape Room for the best indoor activity. Challenge yourself and up to five others to use your puzzling skills to escape the themed room in under 45 minutes.

Or wander underground to the movie theatre to see some of the top films out today. Grab the butteriest bag of popcorn and fuzzy peaches to avoid the hubbub of the village stroll. Finally, top off your dream vacation with a spot at the Scandinave Spa. Relax and rejoice in the hot and cool pools; they will relieve you after your adventurous activities. 

Whistler Blackcomb is well known for being one of North America’s top Ski Resorts. However, once the mountain closes for the day, it doesn’t mean the thrills have to end. If you’re looking to spice up your evening or keep it mellow, there’s a spot for everyone. Take in all hidden local gems of Whistler this vacation. It’s been a hectic couple of years for everyone; it’s time for you to kick back and celebrate.