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Peak to Creek: A Run You Don’t Want to Miss!

Whistler Blackcomb Peak to Creek Run

The Facts:

Top Elevation: 2182 m Bottom Elevation: 653 m
Vertical Drop: 1529 m Length: 11 km
Level: Intermediate - Blue  

There are not too many resorts where you can ski all the way from the peak of the mountain to the base on a single run, but at Whistler Blackcomb it can be done. Measuring 11 km long, the Peak to Creek is the longest consistent run at any ski resort in North America.

Getting There

In order to access the intermediate run you must first find your way to the top of The Peak. From Creekside, you’ll start off by riding the Creekside Gondola. At the top of the gondola you’ll exit, put on your skis and ski right into the line up of the Big Red Express. As you near the top of the chair, you’ll see the Peak Express chair down the slope to your right. You can ski off the Red Chair to the right for a direct route, or to the left and loop under the chair to get down to the Peak Chair lift line. Be sure you lower the bar when riding this chair as the height near the top can be quite dizzying! 

You’ve made it! At the top of the Peak Chair be sure to take in the 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains and of course snap a picture in front of the Inukshuk. When you are ready to start your descent, ski straight ahead from the chairlift following signs for the Peak to Creek. 

The Run

While much of the terrain off the Peak Chair is geared towards the expert skier or snowboarder, the Peak to Creek run has been developed as an intermediate run with a blue square rating.

The run has been divided into two 5.5 km sections, Upper and Lower. Check out an interactive trail map here. 

During your descent of Upper Peak to Creek you’ll be rewarded with amazing views of Black Tusk, Cheakamus Lake, and Whistler village. At one point, the run diverges giving you the option to take the ridgeline or the steeper more direct falline. Don’t worry, both variants will bring you to Highway 86, a cat road which Lower Peak to Creek begins off. At this point you could take the cat road back to the base of the Red Chair... but we recommend tackling both sections top-to-bottom at least once for the full experience. 

Lower Peak to Creek drops below the treeline off of Highway 86. The upper section winds down the slope with trees standing watch from the edges of the run. Once it straightens out you’ll find yourself on a wide run that just keeps going... and going. Don’t worry there are plenty of rest spots along the run to stop and take in the views (and to let your burning legs recover). 

Just when you think your legs are going to fall off, you’ll be greeted with the most glorious sight - Dusty’s Bar and Grill at the base of Creekside. Go ahead and have that apres beer and nachos - you earned it!

Ideal Conditions

On a day when it has been freshly groomed Peak to Creek is one of the best carving runs on the whole mountain. It should be noted that Upper Peak to Creek is groomed more often and, on the days between when Lower Peak to Creek is groomed large moguls are known to form. Grooming reports can be found online or listed on the information boards located at many locations on the mountain. This run is also best done in high visibility conditions so you don’t miss the stunning views.

How Long It Will Take

Be sure to check your watch at the top of this run to see how long it takes you to get to the valley. This thigh-burning run can vary in the time it takes to complete. Some skiers report taking over 45 minutes from top to bottom, while others complete it quicker than that. If you do it under 15 minutes you’ll earn bragging rights. If you do it under 10 people may not believe you. Elite racers who compete in the Peak to Valley race have been known to do it in under 4 minutes. 

No matter how long you take, this run is sure to make your heart pump and your legs burn while a smile splits your face. It is a true classic that should definitely be on your not to be missed list for Whistler Blackcomb.