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Steep Skiing in Whistler with Extremely Canadian

Steep Ski snowboard programs whistler

Photo Credit: Mark Going

On a particularity deep, and somewhat socked-in, day last season a skier clomped up to the Extremely Canadian desk in the Carleton Lodge with a scowl on his face.

He was greeted by the bubbly desk agent. “How’s your day going?” she said with slight hesitation.

“Terrible,” the skier said, “I think all this marketing is a lie, people say that this is an extreme mountain but all I can find is mediocre terrain at best.”

“Ah,” said the desk agent, “you’ve come to the right place. Why don’t you join our Steep Skiing Clinic tomorrow and see if we can change your opinion.”

You see the thing about Whistler Blackcomb is there’s over 8,000 acres of terrain. With two massive mountains, each providing an overwhelming variety of places to explore, it’s easy to spend your day searching for the goods instead of getting out there to shred them.

This is where Extremely Canadian comes in.

Extremely Canadian Steep Skiing Whistler blackcomb

Photo Credit: Randy Lincks

Back before Whistler and Blackcomb mountains had even merged into one resort, Peter Smart and Jill Dunnigan began offering Steep Skiing Clinics that redefined the notions of traditional ski school. Their not so secret formula is really rather simple; take adventurous skiers, boost their confidence and provide them with the skills to reach the places they only dreamed of skiing, especially those ones that are tricky to find or you need to enter ‘just so’.

Jill sums it up perfectly, “You're hiring an expert guide, who happens to know a lot about ski instruction. Take a lesson, that doesn’t feel like a lesson.” 

Extremely Canadian Steep Skiing Clinic

Photo Credit: Mark Going

All Extremely Canadian programs include lift line priority to maximize your time on the mountains which is key to getting the goods while they are still good. Their handpicked staff will teach you the best techniques, show you incredible new lines, and guide you to the best snow, making the most of your precious days in the mountains.

Groups will have a maximum of 5 guests though the average is often closer to 3. Two day programs include video analysis and finish off with legendary apres featuring beer, nachos and a commemorative t-shirt provided by Extremely Canadian. Lift and lesson package deals are available. 

Extremely Canadian Steep Skiing guides

Photo Credit: Mark Going

Steep skiing instruction the way it should be

Discover both the best of Whistler Blackcomb’s insane steeps and the best of your skills. During the two day Steep Skiing Clinics Extremely Canadian’s dedicated coaches mix a healthy dose of technical instruction, steep skiing tactics and local knowledge to provide you with an experience you can’t get elsewhere.

Starting on Monday, Thursday or Saturday spend one day on Whistler and the next on Blackcomb. After two unreal days with Extremely Canadian, you will be charging with confidence and the beer at apres will be oh so satisfying. 

Whistler Blackcomb Ski clinics

Photo Credit: Mark Going

A whole lot of awesome packed into one Wednesday

The One Day Wednesday clinic is a great way to add more skiing to your two-day clinic or try out a condensed version of the product. This is a hard-charging guided day of skiing with no frills. There is a larger focus on skiing lots of terrain and less on technical instruction.

Take advantage of the extremely important local knowledge of where to find the best routes and the best skiing. Don’t waste your hard earned day out in the mountains, let Extremely Canadian show you the way. Their expert guides will determine the best mountain to shred based on the conditions. 

Snowboarders, they’ve got you too.

For all those snowboarders who have been jealous of their two-planked comrades dominating the mountain with their Steep Skiing Guides, Extremely Canadian are now offering Freeride Snowboard Camps on select dates throughout the season.

Don’t get caught chasing crowds on cat tracks, getting stuck on long traverses, tip-toeing around cliff signs and ropes, or riding other people’s leftovers—let their professional team of snowboard coaches show you the way. They will cater the day to your steep snowboarding desires, providing you with the best blend of technique building and heart-pumping action and exploration. You’ll definitely have earned those apres beers. 

Extremely Canadian Steep Skiing

Photo Credit: Randy Lincks

Private doesn’t mean pricey.

Whether you’re looking for intensive instruction, or just a guide to help you find the best terrain and snow on the mountain with lift line priority, this option will satisfy even the hungriest powder hounds.

Up to 5 people of similar ability can ski or snowboard with your choice of Extremely Canadian’s experienced coaches. They will cater the day to your steep skiing needs to provide you with the best blend of technique building, heart pumping action and exploration.

Private trips are completely customizable and can often work out to be more cost effective than a public group trip, given the right numbers and guide ratio. The pricing is consistent with regular Whistler Blackcomb private lessons. Available every day of the season.

Extremely Canadian Steep Skiing Cliff

Photo Credit: Randy Lincks

And if you’re wondering about the scowling skier, the last I heard he was recounting his exhilarating experience skiing the Couloir Extreme over pictures of beer and nachos at the Extremely Canadian sponsored apres at Merlins Bar and Grill.