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Treat Yourself to the Finer Things in Whistler

Dramatic mountain peaks, world-famous outdoor activities, and the vast expanse of nature on our doorstep have all made Whistler an iconic destination. We believe any trip to Whistler is a special occasion and should be treated as such.

Everybody should be living their best life while they’re in Whistler. There’s plenty of opportunities to treat yourself to the finer thing while you’re here. From high-end restaurants to world-class spa experiences, there’s tons of ways to spoil yourself in Whistler.

Whistler's Best High-End Restaurants

Whistler is home to a wealth of amazing restaurants. You can spend your entire trip visiting delicious bistros, cafes, and steak houses - each with their own unique charm. However, if you’re seeking a luxury experience there are a few places you’ll want to check out first.

Food isn’t the only thing that Whistler does right. 

We’ve got an energetic nightlife here and along with that comes amazing cocktails! Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or simply a treat for yourself - a high-quality cocktail is the cherry on top of a night out. 

Here’s a list of the Best Cocktails in Whistler has a whole host of amazing venues to drink a delicious cocktail!

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Whistler Spas & Massage

A typical day in Whistler can contain any one of many outdoor activities. From skiing, sledding, and skating to biking, swimming, and hiking, Whistler has tons to do anytime of the year. But, all that action means you’ll need some relaxation as well. 

Once you’re finished for the day, it’s time to relax and recover in one of our many spas. Whistler has outdoor spas, intimate massage rooms, and even massage therapists that come to your hotel room. Find out more about the best spas in Whistler.

Audain Art Museum

Soak up some of the vast art and culture scene in Whistler with a trip to the Audain Art Museum.

This 50,000+ square-foot building houses a beautiful Permanent Collection of nearly 200 works representing coastal British Columbia culture. The Museum hosts up to 3 temporary exhibitions a year from art institutions around the globe. These exhibitions typically run over several months and showcase both contemporary and historical art.

Whistler Cornucopia: Explore, Indulge, & Experience

The ultimate adventure in indulgence in Whistler is the wonderful Cornucopia Festival. Typically an 11-day event in November, Cornucopia is a showcase of the best food and drinks in British Columbia.

From signature tasting events and parties to culinary and drink masterclasses and seminars, Cornucopia is a feast for all of the senses. Find out more about the next Whistler Cornucopia on their official website.

What’s Open in Whistler | COVID Updates & Information

Check Our Doors Open Directory for up-to-date information on what businesses and activities are open in Whistler. Whistler has been working hard to re-open safely and responsibly while changing our pace so we can all continue to adventure confidently.