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Spend any amount of time in Whistler and you’ll quickly realize how much we love spending time being active outdoors! Our wonderful winters turn Whistler and the surrounding mountains into a playground for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. And when the snow clears and warmer temperatures arrive the trails are full of bikers and runners.

With a wide selection of routes and trails in the valley and mountain, its no wonder why people love running in Whistler.

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Best Running Routes In Whistler

There’s just so much choice when it comes to where to run in Whistler, with lakeside runs, epic trails and the Valley Trail, it’s hard to go wrong. Here is a selection of our favourites!

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Lost Lake Loop

Lost Lake is a must-see for any visitor to Whistler. This calm and peaceful lake is hidden amongst lush ancient rainforest in the foothills of the coast mountains. You can access the trail from PassivHaus which is very close to the Parking Day Lots, making them very accessible. The trail is made of crushed gravel so while it can be slightly uneven underfoot it’s also more forgiving on our knees and ankles than running on pavement all day! In fact, this trail is held in such high regard that it’s made up part of the Ironman run in previous years.

The route is 4km long from PassivHaus, all the way around the lake and back to PassivHaus.

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Creekside to Whistler Village

You can find one of Whistler’s best runs quite literally on your doorstep here in Creekside. Throw on your favourite pair of running shoes in your stylish and comfortable hotel room, step outside into the fresh, warm Whistler summer air and start your run. The run from Creekside into Whistler Village takes advantage of our wonderful Valley Trail network. This route is entirely paved and brings you along the edge of Nita Lake, through the popular Lakeside Park, and even gives you the chance to spot some bears on the golf course before arriving into Whistler Village.

This route is 4km in one direction. You can run back to Creekside, stopping off at a lake this time, or jump on a bus back to your hotel room.

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High Note Trail

Great runs in Whistler aren’t only found in the valley, our mountains are full of challenging and rewarding trail runs. And thanks to our amazing gondola and chairlift system these trails are easily accessed during the summer with your sightseeing pass. High Note Trail on Whistler is trickier than running on the Valley Trail because of the uneven ground and steeper terrain, but it is absolutely worth the effort. You’ll be running high in the mountains surrounded on all sides by utterly stunning mountains with beautiful views around every corner.

High Note Trail is a loop just over 9km in length. Make sure that you bring water with you and let somebody know where you’re going if you plan to run alone.

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Running Events

Whistlerites love to compete against each other, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of running events during the summer. Even if you’re not a competitive runner you can still get involved and enjoy the experience of taking part in a big event.

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Whistler Half Marathon

Taking place in early June, Whistler Half Marathon is a much-loved event to kick off your summer with. The route winds its way through Whistler’s neighbourhoods and can be quite challenging in part. But there’s always a great atmosphere with plenty of supporters helping the runners get across the finishing line!

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Comfortably Numb Trail Run

More famous as a bike trail, Comfortably Numb also makes for a challenging trail run. This 25km course is undulating and runs through some of our most beautiful sections of forest. The race takes place in late June and is quickly becoming a favourite with trail runners in BC.

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Running Equipment

Need a new pair of running shoes or gear when you’re here? Whistler has you covered. Can-Ski, which has locations throughout Whistler, stocks the best Canadian and international brands as well as having truly knowledgeable staff on hand.

Now that you know what to expect on your run in Whistler, pack those running shoes and come visit us! Get in touch with our team today and let us take care of everything.