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Places To Escape From It All In Whistler

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Whistler can be a very busy place, whether you’re visiting to experience an adrenaline-packed break in the mountains, enjoying a family getaway or here to experience our wonderful restaurants and bars trips here can be very busy.

Sometimes we need to escape from it all for just a few minutes or even a few hours, so here is our list of places to escape from it all in Whistler.

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Suspension Bridge and Train Wreck - Cheakamus Crossing

Stroll down to Cheakamus Crossing on The Valley Trail and you’ll escape to Whistler’s suspension bridge across the Cheakamus River. The walk will take you through an interpretive forest on a paved path and lead you across the river. You’ll be hit with the power of the river as you hear it roar by.

This is a great place to get away from the village and parks yet still connect with nature. Continue on your walk across the river and you’ll come across the Train Wreck, one of Whistler’s easier hikes. The trail ends at a wide opening where you can wander amongst the trees and check out the train wreck.

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Rebagliati Park - Whistler Village

You don’t have to leave Whistler Village to find some peace and quiet, you simply just have to find Rebagliati Park in between the day lot car parks and Covered Bridge. The park is tucked away behind some trees, but once you turn the corner you’ll be treated to a large lawn that’s an oasis of calm on even the busiest days of the year can hear the river flow in the background as you relax in the sunshine and inspect the public art. Once you’ve recharged your batteries, it’s only a few steps back to all the action in the village.

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Salish Stroll - Upper Village

The Salish Stroll is a trail in Upper Village that makes its way through old-growth forest and connects with the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre. Nature and the environment are both very important to First Nations people and this trail aims to connect walkers with nature.

The trail is quite short at 500m, but it’s a great place to have some “me time” before continuing on with your day. The trail is graded and suitable for all levels of walkers, and the best part is that it’ll open year-round.

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Alpha Lake Park to Pine Point Park - Creekside

While Creekside is generally a much more relaxing place to be than other parts of Whistler, it’s still nice to have some alone time. Luckily, you won’t have to go too far. Head over to Alpha Lake Park and continue on the Valley Trail to the west side of the lake where you’ll walk the dirt trail to Pine Point Park. The trail is lined with dense forest so it’s very peaceful.

When you reach the park you’ll have great views back across the lake and on to Creekside and Whistler Mountain. This is a great walk to bring your furry friend on as they’ll love the smells and small animals running around the forest. A return trip here from Creekside should take no more than 30 minutes at a leisurely pace.

Wayside Park - Nordic Estates

If you drive into Whistler it’s quite likely that you’ll miss the small slip road off the highway by the entrance to Nordic Estates to Wayside Park, which is what makes it one of the best places for a bit of peace and quiet in Whistler. Alternatively, you walk north on the Valley Trail and follow the signposts.

This small grassy park is right on the water’s edge and is often overlooked for Whistler’s larger parks. Relax on the grass and watch birds fly overhead and the water ripple as fish come to the surface.

Whistler has the best of both worlds, whether you want an exciting day or a relaxing few minutes, you’ll find it here. Get in touch with our team today and experience it for yourself.