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Your Guide To Spring Skiing In Whistler

Spring in Whistler is one of the best times of the year to be here in the Coast Mountains. The temperatures in the village are a touch warmer and the days are much brighter and longer. This makes spring one of the most popular times to ski as well. Here is your guide to spring skiing in Whistler.

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Spring Ski Conditions In Whistler

There are a number of reasons why spring skiing is so great. Firstly, the weather! It really is hard to beat cruising down your favourite run on a bluebird spring morning. With average highs of 10°C and lows of 2°C, it’s easy to see why people love to come here in spring.

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Spring conditions are also great for beginners and first-timers. Skiing in the sunshine means that the snow is softer and there are fewer ice patches on the slopes, perfect for when you’re taking your first lesson! There’s also great visibility on sunny days. Sometimes in the depths of winter when it’s snowing hard it can be difficult to see what’s going on around us. In spring it’s much easy to know where other skiers are and the runs are easier to follow!

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That doesn’t mean that spring is just for beginners though! Spring is easily the best time to be in the park. There’s just something about the sun, music, jumps and rails that attracts some of the best riders from Whistler and across the world. Even if you’re not a great park rider you can hang out with your friends and watch the action go down!

The Best Runs In Spring In Whistler

There’s such a variety of terrain in Whistler. Tranquil green runs for beginners, steep off-piste trails for experts and long sweeping runs that everyone can enjoy. Some areas are better suited to the deep powder days of winter and some are more enjoyable on a sunny spring day.

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Peak Chair & The Saddle - Whistler Mountain

This run is worth it for the view alone. Head over to Peak Chair on Whistler Mountain and take in the view as you ascend to the top of the mountain. There’s a large viewing area at the top where you can get some fantastic photos of the scenery, or pose with the Innushuck! In spring you’ll have a better chance of clear weather with the view stretching into Garibaldi Provincial Park.

This is also one of the ways to get to the most popular black run on the mountain - The Saddle. Once you navigate through the relatively tight entrance the run opens up into a steep, wide run with great views and fast top speeds!

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Harmony Ridge - Whistler Mountain

Harmony Ridge is one of the most playful runs on Whistler Mountain. The undulating run flows incredibly well. This allows for experienced skiers to get creative while boosting confidence in beginner and intermediate riders. It’s also a great run to ride with friends as six people can fit on the Harmony 6 Express chairlift!

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7th Heaven - Blackcomb Mountain

Nothing says spring skiing like spending an afternoon lapping 7th Heaven in the sunshine. This part of Blackcomb Mountain is perfectly situated to catch the late afternoon sun and is home to some of the best groomed runs that you can find in Whistler. It’s not just skiers and snowboarders that love this part of the mountain, you’ll also see some of Whistler’s favourite residents, the whiskey jack birds. If you hold a small treat in your hand above your head, one of the birds might just swoop down to say hello.

What To Wear Spring Skiing In Whistler

The warmer temperatures also mean that we can also change up our ski outfit. On warm spring days you’ll see people swapping out heavy ski jackets for flannel shirts. Or if you’re here on the final day of the season you’ll see hundreds of people skiing and snowboarding in costumes!

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It’s recommended that people wear sunscreen or lip balm while on the mountain and this is even more important during spring. The sun hits the snow and reflects up, so its quite easy to get sunburnt. If you need some gear for spring skiing in Whistler, make sure you stop by one of the Can-Ski stores. They have everything you need!

Heard enough about spring skiing and want to come and experience it for yourself? Get in touch with our team and book a room just steps away from Creekside Gondola!