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Sea to Sky Gondola - A Highlight of the Sea to Sky Highway

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This part of the world is no stranger to world-class attractions. We’ve got incredible mountains that are home to all types of adrenaline-fuelled sports and scenic exploration. Then there’s the idyllic lakes, bike trails and cute stores, even the highway is worth the visit alone! The Sea to Sky Gondola, just a short 40-minute drive south of us here in Whistler, is the latest to be added to the list of must-do activities in the area.

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Sea To Sky Gondola Facts

The Sea To Sky Gondola holds 8 people at a time and takes people up and down the 885 meters to the Summit Lodge. Operating in all seasons, the gondola is a year-round business with people visiting even when the mountains are capped with snow. When first constructed it opened for 330 days of the year.

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Sea To Sky Gondola In The Summer

During the summer this whole area is abuzz with hiker, walkers, dogs, rock climbers and photographers. No matter the reason for visiting most people try to make sure that they have enough time to check out the viewing platforms near Summit Lodge. Thanks to some great design and impressive engineering the viewing platforms make you feel like you’re walking on air above the mountainside below.

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Sea To Sky Gondola In The Winter

Even though its open year-round winter is our favourite time to take a stroll on the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge. The views out over Howe Sound are even more magical with a light dusting of snow. There’s no doubt that you’ll get some incredible photos here!

The walking trails here are also open during winter. There are trails open for all ability levels, just make sure that you bring warm clothes, crampons and walking poles!

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Backcountry Access Via Sea to Sky Gondola

Squamish has been recognized as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada thanks to its near-endless supply of outdoor activities. Part of acclaim is thanks to the backcountry areas that can be accessed from the Sea to Sky Gondola. Experienced adventures can take advantage of the gondola and ski some lines that most can only ever dream.

As with any time that you go into the backcountry it is absolutely essential that you are well prepared. Bring all the safety equipment that you might need, play close attention to the avalanche report and never take any unnecessary risks.

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Host Your Event At Sea to Sky Gondola

The Sea to Sky Gondola is also a popular event space with both public and private events being hosted here. During the summer months when the evenings are bright and long there are often live bands playing in the open air and unique dining experiences hosted in the lodge. 

The Sea to Sky Gondola also makes for an unparalleled and picturesque wedding venue. There are not many wedding locations in the world that can compete with the views of this part of Canada. Not only can you host your reception in the Summit Lodge, but you can also have your ceremony outdoors on the trail or viewing platform!

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The Base & Surrounds

The fun and activities aren’t hidden away until you reach the top of the gondola ride, there’s plenty to do at the base of the mountain as well!

Basecamp Cafe has all you need to fuel up for adventuring in the mountains. Grab a coffee and sandwich and plan your day with your friends and family. The hardest part about visiting the Sea to Sky Gondola is trying to fit in all the activities!

There’s a wonderful playground for the children at the summit, but there’s another one at the base as well. This unique wooden structure will keep the kids occupied before setting off to explore the trails or jumping on the gondola.

There are just so many reasons to visit the Sea to Sky Corridor and this is just one of them. Contact us today to book your stay with us and experience this part of the world yourself!