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Get The Goods – Whistler Creekside Shopping

We love Creekside! We think it’s the best part of Whistler. There are amazing restaurants, fun bars and beautiful lakes here. And don’t forget we even have our own gondola! Part of what makes Creekside so special is our unique, independent stores. We want to take a closer look at some of the exciting entrepreneurs setting up shop in this wonderful neighbourhood.

The first store in this series is Get The Goods a self-described “emporium of wonder” selling items that make ideal gifts.

Essential Info

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Where is Get The Goods?

Get The Goods is right in the heart of Creekside. Take a short stroll from any of our hotels through Creekside’s pedestrianized core and you’ll come across Get The Goods. Its exact address is 210-2059 Lake Placid Rd, Whistler, BC V0N 1B2, Canada.

When is Get The Goods open?

Get The Goods is open every day from 10am-6pm. Perfect for popping into after a day in the mountains or picking up that last-minute gift!

How do I contact Get The Goods?

As with most businesses nowadays, Get The Goods are very active on social media. You’ll be glad that you’ve followed them as they post beautifully composed pictures of their products and life in Whistler. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook

They also have a brilliant website where you can buy goods and find out more about the shop. If you’re like me, sometimes you want to pick up the phone and talk to someone. You can reach the Get The Goods team on +1 604-935-7878.

What Do They Sell?

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As they are an “emporium of wonder”, you can expect to find the unexpected here. Their website categorizes its products into these six areas: 


You’ll find some really interesting objects in this category. High-quality multitools, beautiful books on design and architecture, and even building block toys for kids. If you, or anyone in your life, is handy and loves to build, then we’re sure you’ll find something great here!


It’s not uncommon for people to become inspired by the beauty of the mountains here and feel the need to create! If you get the urge, visit Get The Goods and pick up some special supplies. Origami sets, colouring books and pencil sets can all be found here.


Whistler is a brilliant place to experience some physical stimulation, but sometimes we need some mental stimulation as well. Backgammon sets, chess boards and quiz books should be able to provide a workout for your brain!

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When was the last time you actually put pen to paper? In this digital age, writing has become somewhat of a forgotten art. Rediscover this therapeutic and creative hobby in Get The Goods by picking up one of their beautiful journals or pens.


There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with a great book, especially if you’re reading in a luxurious hotel room in Whistler. You’ll find all manner of books as Get The Goods. There’s something to suit travel lovers, art lovers and of course, mountain lovers!


Everyone loves a good conversation starter! Bespoke tea sets, portmanteau speakers and stunning crafts from BC artist Martha Sturdy. Any of these wonderful items are sure to spark curiosity in any visitors to your home.

What Makes Get The Goods Special?

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Get The Goods composes their quirky shopping experience by scanning the globe for artists and products that are truly special. When shopping at Get The Goods you’ll come across products crafted in South East Asia, as well as art from local artists. 

Stop by Get The Goods next time you’re in Creekside, you might just find something perfect!