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Ed's BrED Whistler’s Sourdough Mecca

Nothing beats the scent of freshly baked bread! If you follow that delicious aroma in Creekside, you’ll end up at BReD. With a rapidly growing cult following, Ed Tatton and his wife Natasha have created a beautiful space to nourish your tastebuds with organic sourdough bread. Adding to the flavour of Creekside Village, this bakery and boutique cafe offers a beautiful space to catch up with friends, read or take an intermission from your day.

Not only is the journey that Ed took to create BRed special but the food they make is also special. Their products do not contain any yeast or preservatives, and the entire line of products is entirely plant-based. Because Ed and Natasha are both vegans, their products reflect their beliefs.

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Ed’s sourdough making began in 2008 and his Whistler journey started in 2013 when he and Natasha moved here to spend a winter snowboarding. Originally from the UK, his background in hospitality led him to employment at Alta Bistro and was the man behind the bread program at that restaurant.

In 2016 Ed began to rent Alta Bistro’s kitchen to make sourdough bread for his friends, and word inevitably spread throughout the Whistler community. Eventually, he outgrew that kitchen and so the husband and wife duo decided to open a 100% plant-based organic sourdough shop. Both Ed and Natasha believe in making food for the community that they can also enjoy. With both of them being vegan, their core values and beliefs align with the products that they make.

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Sourdough Love

If you are someone who enjoys sourdough, BRed is a place that you must add to your Whistler bucket list. All loaves are made with sourdough starter and are available in both free-form and tin-form. Each loaf is naturally-leavened and made with love.

If fresh bread is what turns your cranks, you can be sure to snag a loaf of rye sourdough at 7:30 am and wheat sourdough at 9:00 am, on the days that they are open. Their open-plan layout allows customers to see where the magic happens, soak in the scent of fresh bread and be the lucky owner of a fresh loaf, all at once.

Their variety of loaves that are available will provide your palate with a diverse experience. If you are into 100% rye sourdough, you are in luck. If you are into a variety of seeds, such as pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy seeds, you are also in luck.

If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t be disappointed. Their cinnamon rolls are mouth-watering and the only ingredients used are house milled red wheat, bread flour (wheat), dairy-free butter, coconut sugar. Make sure you buy a few at a time because their tastiness makes them extremely hard to share.

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Are you curious about how they make their sourdough? You can go into a deep dive into their process on the Ed’s BrED website.

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Pizza Dough and Flatbread

Making your own home-made pizza and flatbread has become a lot healthier with BReD’s pizza dough. Yes, it’s true, you can buy your own pizza dough in Creekside. You can make your pizza from fresh dough or freeze the dough to be used at a later date. If you are looking for instructions on how to create your organic pizza base, just check out the Ed’s BrED Pizza.

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Discovering where you can get a delicious, dairy-free, caffeinated beverage is like hitting the jackpot for a lot of coffee lovers. For hot beverages, you have a choice of Detour Punch Buggy Espresso or house-made Indian Chai and only plant-based-milks are used. There are also a variety of cold beverages available to quench your thirst.

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If you fall in love with their products and vibe, you can take some sweet branded swag home with you. Also, they sell unique merchandise that looks good, is functional and makes for a great Whistler souvenir and present.

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BReD is open Wednesday to Sunday from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm in the heart of Creekside Village at 206 – 2067 Lake Placid Road. Join the fellow BRed heads and make sure to experience this gem next time you are in our neck of the woods. 

Are you ready to book your trip to Whistler and experience what Ed and Natasha have built? Book online and we will see you in Creekside.