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The Whistler International Cuisine Guide

International Cuisine in Whistler

Friends enjoying some international cuisine in Whistler. Photo - Mike Crane

Whistler is a very multi-cultural town. Not only do we have visitors from all over the world we also have people from every corner that call this place home. You can see the international influence almost everywhere you go. There’s the collection of flags outside Whistler Village Gondola, the sounds of different accents and languages, and of course lots of different types of tasty food!

Here we take a look at some international dishes that you can have right here in Whistler!

North American

Canadian - Vladimir Poutine - Merlin’s

Starting off close to home with a Canadian classic. No trip to the great white north is really complete without having a poutine. This comfort dish can be found all over Canada but originated out east in Quebec. The basic poutine is made with french fries, gravy and cheese curds. Cheese curds, also known as squeaky cheese, make this dish unique. These cheese balls are made from curdled milk and turn into a gooey, melted cheese once the gravy is poured on.

There are lots of variations of the poutine. Some are served with bacon, sausage or chicken. The possibilities are endless! But we feel that there’s no better poutine than the original. Merlin’s ‘Vladimir Poutine’ is one of the best poutines in town

American - The Big Dusty - Dusty’s Bar & BBQ

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A post shared by Dustys Bar & BBQ (@dustyswhistler) on Aug 28, 2017 at 5:02pm PDT

Sometimes you just want a classic meal. After a day of exploring the mountains and village, you’ll be wanting a big, filling meal. And Dusty’s here in Creekside has just the thing for you - The Big Dusty. Applewood smoked pork shoulder, butt rub mayo, house bbq sauce, bacon, cheddar, coleslaw and crispy jalapeños. Quite the mouthful! Dusty’s is also very well known for their potato wedges as well, make sure you get them as your side!


Italian - Rigatoni Bolognese - Il Caminetto

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A post shared by Il Caminetto Whistler (@ilcaminettowhis) on Apr 6, 2018 at 6:17pm PDT

Italian food is loved all over the world and is widely regarded as one of the most important cuisines. There’s the famous New York pizza and kids favourite mac and cheese, but there’s no beating traditional Italian food. There are a number of Italian restaurants in Whistler, but Il Caminetto delivers the most authentic experience. You’ll find this restaurant and its extensive menu on the Village Stroll. There’s a great selection of antipasti, meat dishes and of course pasta. The rigatoni bolognese is a classic Italian dish, served with house-made pasta. Il Caminetto is your own little slice of Italy in Whistler.

Irish - Steak and Guinness Pie - Dubh Linn

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A post shared by Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub (@dubhlinngatewhistler) on Oct 4, 2018 at 3:29pm PDT

Irish food is known for being hearty and comforting. Irish cooking features a lot of potatoes, winter vegetables, beef and generous portions sizes. Snuggling up beside a fireplace with a warm stew is a common sight during winter in Ireland. Another Irish favourite is, of course, Guinness. This dark stout is as Irish as green fields and U2. The Dubh Linn Gate here in Whistler combines the beloved Irish drink and Irish food, in the form of the famous steak and Guinness pie. If you come for the food, I’ve no doubt that you’ll stay for the atmosphere. There’s live music every night and an informal, lively atmosphere.


Japanese - Sushi Platter - Sushi Village

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A post shared by Sushi Village Whistler (@sushivillagewhistler) on Dec 12, 2017 at 6:51pm PST

Sushi has taken BC by storm. You’ll find sushi throughout Vancouver, the Sea-to-Sky and Whistler. There are a number of sushi restaurants in Whistler, but Sushi Village is the most popular one in Whistler. This restaurant has large booths that are perfect for birthdays and celebrations where jugs of sake and platters of sushi are shared. Sushi Village has a buzzing energy, the restaurant is always busy and the sushi bar is a hive of activity

Japanese - Teppanyaki - Teppan Village

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A post shared by TEPPAN VILLAGE RESTAURANT (@teppanvillage) on Feb 25, 2019 at 12:51pm PST

This is another great option for an entertaining night out. At Teppan Village, diners sit around a central iron griddle where a chef cooks your food right in front of you. The chefs cook your meat exactly to your liking and are known to put on an acrobatic culinary show for the guests. Expect dramatic flames, fantastic Japanese food and an enjoyable night out!