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The PEAK 2 PEAK Experience - All You Need To Know

Whistler’s PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola is an engineering marvel and a mechanical wonder. It’s one of Whistler’s proudest achievements and is worth visiting Whistler just to take a ride in it. Follow our handy guide and make sure that you get the most out of your time on the PEAK 2 PEAK.

PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola Whistler

Before You Go

Where is the PEAK 2 PEAK?

The PEAK 2 PEAK gondola has stations on both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Stepping off Whistler gondola you’ll find the PEAK 2 PEAK station to your left-hand side, beside Roundhouse Lodge. The PEAK 2 PEAK gondola has another station on Blackcomb mountain, with the station located beside Rendezvous Lodge.

How much is the PEAK 2 PEAK?

Access to the PEAK 2 PEAK is included in your winter ski pass, but there are also PEAK 2 PEAK sightseeing passes available. In winter and summer, an adult sightseeing pass costs $63, while the price drops to $49 during springtime.

When is the PEAK 2 PEAK open?

Aside from a few dates during spring and fall for some essential maintenance, the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola is a year-round attraction.

Where can I buy PEAK 2 PEAK tickets?


Sightseeing tickets are available for purchase online. This is the best way to plan your trip and skip the queues and spend the most time possible on the mountain.

In Person

Sightseeing tickets can also be bought in one of the two Guest Services Buildings in Whistler. Village services can be found at the base of Whistler Mountain right beside Whistler gondola. There are also guest services available in Creekside.

PEAK 2 PEAK Experience Stats

The PEAK 2 PEAK Experience

Riding in the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola is a truly unique experience. How often do you get to ride in something that has 3 Guinness World Records? At its highest point, the gondola is 436 meters above the ground, that’s record number one. Number two is that it boasts the longest unsupported span between two cable car towers, at a staggering 3.024km. And the final world record is that the PEAK 2 PEAK is the world’s longest continuous lift system.

On The Mountain

When you’re planning your trip to Whistler you’ll be amazed at how much more activities you’re able to do, thanks to the PEAK 2 PEAK. It really opens up both mountains and allows them to fully realize their potential.

Whistler Blackcomb PEAK 2 PEAK Viewpoint


During the sightseeing season, Whistler Blackcomb launches its PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Experience. The program links together hiking trails, guided tours, and the Cloudraker Skybridge and Raven's Eye Cliff Walk.

Whistler is home to some incredible hiking trails. With the PEAK 2 PEAK, you can easily switch between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains and experience all of our hiking trails. With over 50km of hiking trails, there’s something to suit every level of hiker.

Decker Loop on Whistler Mountain is a 7.4km alpine trail that takes in some beautiful wildflower meadows and views of Garibaldi Provincial Park. Over on Blackcomb Mountain, Alpine Walk is a rewarding, hour-long, casual stroll through some old growth forests.

Whistler Blackcomb PEAK 2 PEAK


When ski season rolls around, the PEAK 2 PEAK allows you to move between the two mountains, and ski more area! Powder laps on Peak Chair in the morning and sunny afternoon laps on 7th Heaven are all made possible thanks to the PEAK 2 PEAK.


Spending time exploring the mountains can work up quite the hunger. Lucky for you, there are some great dining options on the mountain. And they’re all easily accessible thanks to the PEAK 2 PEAK gondola.

Whistler Mountain

Roundhouse Lodge is a hub of activity on Whistler Mountain. Pika's, the Mountain Market and Expressway are the three options available here. The menu contains options from all over the world in a casual dining environment. The long tables are a great place to gather with friends and share stories from your day’s adventures.

For a more intimate dining experience, check out Steep’s Grill & Wine Bar. The menu here is inspired by local, seasonal ingredients, while the wine menu boasts a wide selection of BC wines.

Blackcomb Mountain

Hop on the PEAK 2 PEAK gondola over to Blackcomb Mountain for more culinary experiences. The recently renovated Rendezvous Lodge is home to a wide selection of food. There’s an Asian noodle bar, Mexican burritos, freshly made burgers and a new, top of the line espresso bar.

For a full-service dining experience, head on over to Christine’s. Relax on the sunny patio overlooking the surrounding mountains while feasting on mountain-comfort food. The perfect way to spend an afternoon.


It’s no surprise that given the stunning natural beauty that surrounds us, photography is a popular past-time in the area. The views from the PEAK 2 PEAK are unbeatable. With glistening, ice blue lakes, monumental peaks, and blossoming wildflowers, the possibilities are endless. If you want to make the most of your time here, check out the Alpine Photography Tour.

Taking a ride on the PEAK 2 PEAK is one of the best things to do in Whistler. Make sure you check it out!