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7 Things You Should Do to Enhance Your First Whistler Ski Vacation

Winter is upon us and partnered with those darker mornings and brisk days is the excitement of kicking off a new ski season. With the opening day of Whistler Blackcomb just around the corner, Whistler will soon be full of ski lovers from around the globe who come here to enjoy one of the best ski resorts in the world.

For some visitors, skiing in Whistler is an annual tradition and for others, maybe even you, this trip to Whistler may be your first. If you’ve decided to come to Whistler for your first time, let us give you seven helpful tips to ensure you have the best time ever.

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Leave Your Ski Gear at Home

If you aren’t able to travel here with your ski gear or if you don’t have any, no need to worry. Right here in Creekside, CAN-SKI Creekside has everything you will need for an epic day on the mountain. Open 7 days a week, here you will find top of the line rental equipment. If you need additional accessories like toques, base layers or gloves just pop over to the CAN-SKI Outlet which is located right next door. 

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Always Check the Weather

There’s a good chance that you’ve been keeping an eye on the weather leading up to your trip. However, are you checking the weather report for the alpine (on the mountain)? On the Whistler Blackcomb website, you can check the weather and snow report, which will help you get even more stoked for your trip. 

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Dress for the Weather

Now that you know what the weather will like on the mountain, it’s important to ensure that you dress for the weather. Snow in Whistler has a history of being a little wetter and heavier so you want to make sure you are dressed in layers for warmth. Remember, it’s always easier to remove layers when you are warm rather than add them when you are cold. Also, no one wants to be soggy while skiing so ensure that your gear is waterproof. 

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Buy Tickets for Fresh Tracks

Imagine being one of the first people on the ski hill. If you get tickets for Fresh Tracks, that could be you. You can be one of the first people to upload the Whistler Village gondola (between 7:15 am and 8:00 am), enjoy a delicious breakfast before enjoying freshly groomed runs which you will get all to yourself. Be warned that after a fresh snowfall and at peak holiday times, Fresh Tracks may sell out.

It’s best to buy tickets ahead of time and to the gondola early. This exclusive access is limited to the first 650 people who arrive at the base on the morning of the breakfast.

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Make an On-Mountain Plan

Since it is your first time shredding Whistler Blackcomb, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the mountain before going up. Take note of where the runs are that you may want to explore and note the experience level required on each run. If you are a beginner, it is worth having a lesson before going out on your own.

Also, it’s a good idea to pick a spot for your group to meet for lunch, adult beverage or a delicious snack. We recommend making a plan to experience the Peak 2 Peak gondola because it’s very cool to take a gondola from one mountain to the other.

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Indulge in Apres

One of the rewards for skiing, whether it is one run or an epic day of shredding, is participating in apres ski, most commonly referred to as “apres”. Apres is essentially the act of socializing after skiing. Whistler is known for their extremely fun apres sessions and Dusty’s, in Creekside, never disappoints. 

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After indulging in apres is probably a good idea to go for dinner. There are many delicious options in Creekside that are all in close proximity to our hotels. Most restaurants are kid-friendly and all of them have their own charming qualities. If you are looking for a fine dining option, you can check out Rim Rock Cafe & Oyster Bar or Aura.

For a more casual experience, you can go to the Southside Diner or Whistler Creekbread. If you want to explore all of your Creekside dining options, you can do so here. Also, if you do not eat gluten, Whistler has many options to accommodate you. 

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We know how stoked you are to come to Whistler for your first time. Once upon a time, it was our first visit too. Make sure to book your accommodation in advance, activate your ‘out of office’ email notification and get yourself to Whistler so you can have the best vacation of your life.