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Red Bull 400 Returns For It’s 3rd Year In Whistler

The Red Bull 400 makes its third appearance in Whistler this August 5th, 2017. Athletes from around British Columbia and the surrounding regions will be challenging themselves once again at the Whistler Olympic Park.

Red Bull 400 - Ramp Top 2

Test your endurance as you race from the bottom to the top of a 400-meter ski jump. Runners will challenge themselves as they climb the 37-degree incline in what’s call the steepest 400m race in the world – the course has a 400-meter elevation gain.

Taking place in the beautiful Callaghan Valley at the Whistler Olympic Park, Red Bull 400 is a quick drive south of Whistler where you’ll be surrounded by the stunningly rugged coast mountain ranges.

Red Bull 400 - Ramp Bottom

Locals and world-class athletes will be challenged in this physically demanding race but it’s only growing in popularity. Last year the race saw 600 runners come out and participate in the Red Bull 400. That’s a 50% increase from their first year in 2015!

There are a few categories for participants to choose from, including:

    • Full Distance
    • Coed Relay
    • Relay for Firefighters, Police and EMS Personnel.

Red Bull 400 - Ramp Top 1

Thinking about taking part in the Red Bull 400 this year? You can head over to the Red Bull 400 Whistler website for all the information on registration. However, you may want some tips from a professional as well.

In 2015, Brandon Crichton won the 400m race in Whistler and broke a world record at the time for the race. It’s not all about the expensive training facilities or fancy workout gadgets and clothing. All you really need to get ready for the race is some music and a good pair of sneakers.

Have a look at 10 tips on how to train for a 400m vertical race, from the first year winner Brandon Crichton, so you won’t get caught off guard when it’s race day!

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Photo Credit: Mike Crane