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How to Pace Yourself for the Upcoming Ski Season

The skis are being waxed. The snow line is being watched. It is countdown time for the opening of Whistler Blackcomb on November 23rd and many people cannot wait for the first gondola ride of the season.

Here are some tips that will make all the difference in ensuring your season on the mountains is not cut short unnecessarily.

Whistler Blackcomb Opening Day Skiing

Don’t Let the Yahoos Take You Down

On November 23rd 2017 and for several weeks following Opening Day, you may have to keep your skiing and boarding expectations in check. If everyone is heading to the same area because it “looks sick”, you may need to adjust your itinerary with a Plan B. To avoid what many people call “yahoo skiers” you may have to ski in less popular areas. To see the yahoos flying down the hill without a care for their own body – or the safety of anyone else’s – it is best to watch these people from a safe distance. You may spot the same people hobbling through the village on crutches later the same week, or even the same day.

Get Your Fitness Up to Speed

If you think you can just rip through a six-hour day on the slopes after several months of minimal cardio, you would be mistaken. Skiing is a challenging sport and you need to have your strength training and cardio at a reasonable level before your season starts. Experts say that you should be starting your fitness training six weeks before skiing or boarding – although that is not an issue with Whistler locals. They are renowned for being in excellent shape all twelve months of the year! Focus on legs, especially the quads, back, and core. Skiing requires quick bursts of cardio so you may want to consider interval training. As for cardio, start slow to build up your stamina over the course of several weeks.

Use Your Rock Skis

While it may be extremely tempting to show off and look your best in the early days of the season, there are good reasons to avoid doing so. Facebook and Instagram are ideal for modeling the latest alpine gear, but who wants to rock their brand-new cast or crutches on social media? In the same vein, do not break out the new skis from the Turkey Sale until it is safe. That usually means sometime in January. So, hang onto your old skis and make them your “rock skis”. Your new skis can wait. Nothing is worse than feeling the grinding of jagged rock under brand new skis on that “shortcut” that looked so good (and powdery) just off the 7th Heaven Express. Crick…crack…

Whistler Mountain Skiing Powder

The ski season is long. Enjoy early season and by all means, line up on Opening Day. But in the case of snow sports and Whistler Blackcomb, the smart people know that slow and steady wins the race – at least for the first several weeks. Enjoy the snow!

Photo Credit: Whistler Tourism / Mike Crane