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Snowboarder Half PipeDid you know that Whistler Blackcomb features over 99 acres of Terrain Parks which include a 22-foot superpipe maintained by a Global Pipe Cutter, a snowcross track, and more than 150 features?

In their ongoing effort to push the boundaries of freestyle skiing and snowboarding Whistler Blackcomb has recently made upgrades to their Nintendo Terrain Parks. This has involved revamping a series of jumps ranging from 40 to 80 feet and moving the large jump line, previously located in the Habitat Terrain Park on Whistler to the Nintendo Highest Level Terrain Park on Blackcomb.

These recent changes allow riders of the highest level to continue to train and push their aerial skills to the next level.

But for all you beginners and in-betweeners out there have no fear as the Whistler Blackcomb staff continue to modify and tweak the Chocker, Habitat and Big Easy Terrain Parks as well. These Parks are located on both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain and range in difficulty allowing skiers and snowboarders of all levels to advance their Terrain Park Skills.

All in all Whistler Blackcomb has 6 different Terrain Parks. Check out a quick write up on each of the parks below.

Highest Level (XL)

As the title suggests this is the most advanced park of the six. Recently upgraded this park features jumps ranging from 40 to 80 feet. Only advanced riders should be considering this park. Helmets are mandatory to ride the Highest Level Terrain Park.

Location - Located in the Nintendo Terrain Park on Blackcomb just down from the Rendezvous Lodge.

Choker (M,L)

Snowboarder Off RailThis park runs 3,480 feet in length and features number of tables, hips, spines, step-up jumps, rails, and boxes, all mixed together for a endless fun. The Superpipe can be accessed through this park. This park is great for riders looking for a variety of features.

Location - The Park is located on Choker run on Blackcomb, just down from Rendezvous Lodge. You can take the Catskinner Chair to ride continues loops.

Habitat (S,M)

Also referred to as the Whistler Park this Terrain Park consists of three separate runs with various degrees of difficulty. Cougar (S), Chipmunk (S,M), and Bobcat (M) all make up the park. The three runs feature a series of jumps, boxes and jibs.

Location - The entrance to this park can be found just off of Quad Chair on Whistler Mountain.

Big Easy (S)

Once again the name says it all as this is the easiest park of all six. This park features small versions of rails, boxes, rollers and jumps. This park was built with beginners in mind and is a great place start your skill set.

Location - The park is located off Easy Out on Blackcomb Mountain.

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Photo Credit Skier: Dan Carr, Photo Credit Snowboarders: Crispin Cannon