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Don't expect to be counting calories at these places this is Whistler's 5 best greasy eats joints. Call it your cheat day if you want, these 5 places are sure to make your mouth water. No matter what you're in the mood for we got you covered. Check out the list below!

Splitz Burger

Splitz GrillA main stay in Whistler Splitz Burger has been serving up the best burger and fries in Whistler for the past decade. Known for its signature meal the self named Spitz Burger this burger, fries combo is sure to leave you speechless and wanting more. If you're heading into Splitz make sure to try one of the many burger combinations and always ask for extra Splitz sauce the delectable treat that makes them truly unique.

Roland's Pub

Rolands' PubIf you're looking for a Creekside restaurant than Roland's Pub is the first place you should try. Obviously with pub in the name you can guess that they serve a pub style menu. However unlike most pubs pumping out generic burgers and sandwiches Roland's does it right with a more gourmet approach to their food. If you had to choose one thing on the menu than i would suggest the beef dip. The best beef dip in town you'll be dreaming about this delicious creation long after you leave. Great pub food and a great pub atmosphere in Whistler's Creekside check out Roland's Pub.

Dups Burritos

Dups BurritoIf you're in the mood for Mexican there's only one place to go... Dups Burritos. Huge portions and fresh ingredients are a Dups trademark. If you feel like you could eat a whole cow then order up their famous taco salad or phaty burritos sure to stuff any stomach. The great part of Dups is the ordering process which allows you to watch them make your meal while you add in or leave out any ingredient you like. Got a craving for Mexican then get Dups.


ZogsOne of the more unique Whistler restaurants Zogs is an outdoor beavertails shack. Located right in the heart of the village Zogs makes the most delicious beavertail one could ask for. Now if you're wondering what exactly is a beaver tail? Essentially it's fresh dough that has been deep fried then covered in brown sugar and topped with your favorite treat. I highly recommend trying the apple cinnamon tail one of their most popular meal. However there are several topping to choose from including blueberry, chocolate, banana, raspberry and much more.

Pizza Cafe

Pizza CafeConsistently voted the best pizza in town Pizza Cafe is known as much for its pizza as it is for its friendly owners Miro and Dana. Fresh ingredients and an original sauce that can't be matched make this place a local favorite. If you were to rank this list according to price Pizza Cafe would likely be cheapest on the list. However don't let that confuse you for quality many people say pizza's and calzones at Pizza Cafe are the best they've ever had. If you're in the mood for a pizza pie stop by Pizza Cafe and pay Miro and Dana a visit.

If you need any help finding any of the places mentioned above feel free to ask the friendly staff at Lodging Ovations. Or fire up that Google maps app that's what those bad boys are for!

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